Thursday, April 28, 2011

28 April, first drama rehearsing

Today is the first drama rehearsal, where we're rehearsing some scenes of the play. I am acting as Terserah's character, Britney's minion, who happens to be the popular girl in school, and shyly likes Munez. The first rehearsal was pretty good, there were a lots of good improvisation, which makes the play seems to be more natural and go in to flow easily. As Terserah's character, I acted more like a paranoid girl who likes to bite her nails, in a result of over anxiety and awkwardness. Terserah is also the follower of Tori, the popular igh school girl. It was pretty hard for me to do improvisation, but as the time goes on, I'll practice more and learn my character as Terserah, so that I would act more natural in the play. The following scene was set in the chemistry class, where the students were making fun of Mr. Krustin, and getting into a trouble, in a humorous way.

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