Thursday, April 28, 2011

28 April, first drama rehearsing

Today is the first drama rehearsal, where we're rehearsing some scenes of the play. I am acting as Terserah's character, Britney's minion, who happens to be the popular girl in school, and shyly likes Munez. The first rehearsal was pretty good, there were a lots of good improvisation, which makes the play seems to be more natural and go in to flow easily. As Terserah's character, I acted more like a paranoid girl who likes to bite her nails, in a result of over anxiety and awkwardness. Terserah is also the follower of Tori, the popular igh school girl. It was pretty hard for me to do improvisation, but as the time goes on, I'll practice more and learn my character as Terserah, so that I would act more natural in the play. The following scene was set in the chemistry class, where the students were making fun of Mr. Krustin, and getting into a trouble, in a humorous way.

22 April

Each of us is paired with a partner, and given a task to write a script for each scenes. I am paired with Bryna, and we're writing the script for scene 2, the part when Munez get into a trouble for mocking Britney of her stupidity, and having his parents got called by the principal, Ms. Boil. It is a challenge for both of us to write a script with a sense of humor, since our drama is based on comedy genre. So we just write the necessary parts and dialogue of the script. The rest of it, it will depends on the improvisation, so the comedy would seems to be more natural. There are some sense of humor being used in the scene's script, where Munez had a fight with the principal and his parents, while Munez's dad at the same time also having a little crush on the principal.

Drama production

G10 Drama: creating our own production company

You need to explain the decisions you’ve made and set yourself some targets for future development. To be completed by the end of Monday’s lesson: April 18th

Fill in the table below making sure that you write using specific details. AVOID GENERALISATIONS. Justify what you say with evidence

Name of production company: Legendary

Name of production: Angst
Action plan timeline (activities and deadlines):
Script first draft due (21 April, Thursday)
Final script due 29 April
2 May, first rehearsal
Set costumes, music, venue
June 2 performance

In what style (genre) are you going to perform? What are the reasons for this choice?
Comedy genre. The purpose for this choice of comedy genre, is to stimulate audience with laughter, happiness, and fun.

Your performance should last approximately 20-30 minutes. How are you going to organize this time?
I am going to organize the performance by working together with my group in a steady pace, and well prepared the whole script and backstage preparation.

What impact do you want to have on your audience? What techniques do you plan to use to achieve this?
I would want to stimulate my audience with laughter and happiness, and to achieve it, I am going to perform the act in a light mannered, funny way. While to prepare a good performance, I would do more recent practices with others, with a well-written piece of comedy script.

What is (are) your specific role(s) in the performance/production company? Describe your role(s) and your main aims for this (these) role(s).
I play a role as Terserah, a clumsy adorable girl who brings the funny and cute sensation of awkwardness in the play. This Terserah character would have entertain the audience through her uniquely funny way of awkwardness.

What skills will you need to use/develop?
I need to develop my acting skills, and good memorization of script lines, also improvisation. By practicing more in acting as the character, the character would feel even more livelier and funnier, bringing the audience a sensation of laughter and fun.

What targets would you like to set yourself for the upcoming weeks?
I would like to finish my script first for the upcoming week. The script would be written in a light-mannered and funny lines.

Any other notes: