Thursday, April 28, 2011

22 April

Each of us is paired with a partner, and given a task to write a script for each scenes. I am paired with Bryna, and we're writing the script for scene 2, the part when Munez get into a trouble for mocking Britney of her stupidity, and having his parents got called by the principal, Ms. Boil. It is a challenge for both of us to write a script with a sense of humor, since our drama is based on comedy genre. So we just write the necessary parts and dialogue of the script. The rest of it, it will depends on the improvisation, so the comedy would seems to be more natural. There are some sense of humor being used in the scene's script, where Munez had a fight with the principal and his parents, while Munez's dad at the same time also having a little crush on the principal.

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