Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, 6 May

Another drama rehearsal. This time, we practiced two scenes. The first one is the scene about Munez getting trouble in the principal's office, and getting his Asian dad called by, for Munez's inappropriate behaviour at school, despite his high grade achievement. The sense of humor is tried to be shown through Munez's dad's Asian stereotype, with his made up funny accent.
While the second scene we rehearsed, was about the part when the whole students got called into the principal's office for causing food fights at the canteen. While Terserah, as it was her turn being called by the principa, she walked across the corridor and passed by Munez, showing the kind of awkward pose and funny nervous expression when she had an eye contact of Munez. To show the audience the sense of humor through it, the eye-contact-moment got freezed for a few seconds.

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